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Fetal femoral length as a parameter for estimation of fetal weight using ultrasound
Z. Mahmoud, S.Mahmoud, B. Ahmed, A. Suleiman, H. Osman, A. Elzaki
Objective : The fetal femoral length (FFL) can be a factor in calculating the fetal weight (FW) via ultrasound. Its size and ease of measurement makes the femur the longest bone of choice in predicting FW. This study was designed to find a simplified and accurate method to estimate FW in women with healthy and singleton pregnancy. Methods: A total of 230 healthy pregnant women with an age that ranged between 18 to 42 years with normal and well being, singleton pregnancy, had transabdominal ultrasound in order to estimate FW using Shephard equation. Results: FW is estimated accurately and easily by using the following formula that uses a single biometric measure which is: (FW(g)=65.283×FFL(mm)-2035.1) with a correlation factor R2=0.9442 that indicates a positive linear correlation between FW in grams and FFL in millimeters. Conclusion: The obtained equation is an accurate and simplified method when compared to other complicated equations used in estimation of FW.
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